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It is designed for the general public, you don’t have to be familiar with screen recording software in order to be able to use it right away. Camtasia is a powerful screen recording software tool for Windows 10 and 11. It is one of the most comprehensive tools on this list, providing both recording and post-production tools.

  • It makes taking screenshots easy and has features for targeting specific windows and capturing the full text of scrolling windows like web pages in your browser.
  • On laptops with the PrtSc key as a function key, you may also need to hold the Fn key.
  • Even better, each offers a limited free trial to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.
  • This is the blue button under the code they just entered.

It is possible to use the magnifier to locate the precise point. Open the “Game Bar” by pressing “Windows + G” and then pressing “Win + Alt + R” as a hotkey to start and stop recording. “Win+Alt+PrtSc” can also be used to capture screenshots.

How to record your screen on your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

Apart from the intuitive screencasting features, OBS is equipped with live-streaming capabilities that you won’t find in the default screen recorders of major operating systems. This is why an online screen recorder isn’t the best of options when it comes to capturing gameplay. However, if you’re only looking to make a tutorial, they should work just fine. Whether you want a more precise way to record the entire screen or if you want to capture a specific portion, a high-quality screen recorder will serve the purpose.

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Select the part of your screen that you want to record and then hit the record button. Go about your tasks, and then when you’re finished move your cursor to the top of the display. The screen recording interface will drop down and you can hit the stop recording button.

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The screen that appears will show the power button at the right-end; tap it and choose “Restart”. If none of these methods so far working, you can try with the absolute minimum configuration – disconnect all peripherals. Peripherals connected to the device may also cause black screen or black screen with spinning dots of Windows computer. Normally, spinning dots on screen during startup means that the computer is installing a update, and you just need to wait for a while. But if the spinning dots stays on the screen without any changes for a long time, it could be a compatibility problem with some hardwares connected to this computer.

You can quickly take screenshots with this app and customize it with its editing tools. Additionally, you can upload your image to the cloud or create a shareable link. What’s the point of a screen capture if you can’t mark it up? Both Windows and Mac have free built-in tools for cropping, drawing on and editing your screenshots.

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