A Complete Guide to Using Split Screen in Windows 10

You can also perform a screenshot via the game bar, which you access by pressing Windows Key and “G”. In the game bar, you’ll see a camera icon in the top-left corner, press this to take a screenshot. Alternatively, you can press Windows key + Alt + Print Screen together with the game bar active. Do you want to take a screenshot of your active window only? You can do that by pressing Alt and Print Screen. This will save a screenshot of the active window to the clipboard, and you can then paste it into an image editor, email or chat.

Beginning with the October 2018 Update, Windows 10 introduces Snip & Sketch, a new app designed specifically to take screenshots and replace the old Snipping Tool. Again, this is the most universal way of taking screenshots across different versions of Windows. Click the arrow next to the New button to choose the “type” of snip. This document describes how to capture an image of the screen in all versions of Windows. Although the built-in methods in Windows 10 are useful, they have their own limitations.

How to enter the BIOS on a Windows 10 PC

To quickly take a screenshot of your Asus laptop from the active window, use the Alt + PrtScn key combination. This will capture your current Windows screen and copy the screenshot to the clipboard. To save the screenshot, open it in an image editing program. The Free Form option lets you create a screenshot in any shape you want, while the Full-Screen feature automatically captures the entire screen. The image you create will be saved on your hard-drive, and if you want to edit it, you’ll have to import the file into Screen Sketch. You can take a full-screen screenshot, active window, selectable part, or freeform screenshot.

  • You may also see Legacy + UEFI (or Legacy/UEFI) mentioned in certain BIOS/UEFI menus.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete it and then restart the computer if prompted.
  • Many people use Network Adapter troubleshooters to fix any issues they find in their network connection.
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Once you enter BIOS in Windows 10/8/7, you can use the keyboard to navigate the menus and change the basic settings for your computer hardware, since your mouse may not work. Different PC brands may use different BIOS hotkeys. Most modern motherboards use the Delete key download here, but some are different. You can check if there is a message in Windows startup screen telling you to press which key to enter BIOS. Google your PC manufacturer or motherboard to find out what key to press on your keyboard.

Method 1: Use the Print Screen Key

If you need to mail the screenshot, you can select Mail, for instance. Microsoft Snip Screen Capture Tool is the latest tool offered by Microsoft Office, which helps you take screenshots quickly and easily. The tool is very helpful for users who need to take screenshots very regularly. You need to download and install this Snip Screen Tool on your PC.

Method 1 of 5:Using the PrtSc Key to Capture the Whole Screen

Slowly desktops faded away and we were left with just notebooks. The other two solutions work fine for taking screenshots in Windows on notebooks and desktops. Keyboards and shortcuts aren’t ideal for 2-in-1s and tablets. Users of these devices can’t depend on a keyboard.

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